A loan of $5,000 helped purchase new equipment to expand our offerings, as well as ease our cash flow struggle through our opening months.

Will's story

Win Win Coffee Bar is the collective project of a group of young Philadelphians, native and not. We each come from different families, towns, educational backgrounds, and walks of life, through which we’ve developed unique skill sets and areas of expertise. We are longtime friends and former co-workers who, after years refining our individual talents, have united under shared experiences--and shared critiques--gained while working long hours in the restaurant industry. For my part, I studied philosophy and urban studies in school, and fell in love with coffee and cocktails upon leaving. I’m excited to use my professional skills as a barista and bartender to put the social perspectives I’ve developed into practice. W/N W/N is a chance for me to help build a space that acts both as a hub and an engine in a rejuvenated cityscape powered by democratically-organized, community-minded businesses.

Our founding group galvanized around Tony Montagnaro, a native of New Jersey who, having grown up in his family’s chain of pizza shops, has about as much restaurant experience as the rest of the group combined. A natural organizer, Tony amassed a group of diversely talented partners, each of us filling a specific capacity in the business. The crew comprises a craft beer enthusiast, also in charge of our books, a macriobiotics and sustainable agriculture researcher and advocate, who will run our kitchen, an architect-to-be focused on sustainable design, who also wields wicked knife skills, and a longtime residential builder and construction manager--a grandfather and guiding voice of reason in our youth-driven group.

Currently in our first round of hiring, we’re excited to build a diverse staff of energetic, progressive-minded industry professionals ready to show our city new possibilities in the world of food & beverage.

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Industry: Food
Years in operation: New Business
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