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Marty's story

I am the grandson of a butcher. About 20 years ago I found myself smoking somewhere between 3 and 5 packs of cigarettes a day. I didn't really WANT to quit, at least not quite yet, so I was searching for something I could do, an excuse really, to allow my mind to pretend all was in balance.

One day my cousin told me about how he became a vegetarian, (fish was his fallback of course), and all of his stomach issues went away. It was my "Ahah" moment. I thought, "I could do that!"

I gave up my chicken and steaks for cheese chips and mozzarella en carozza. And I got sick. I started to do research on the web and that is when I learned to cook, started making my own seitan, and learned about food and nutrition. Unfortunately, you can't do research into the food supply and not see the plight of animals that we raise to eat. This affected me deeply.

As a commercial pilot I had the opportunity to sample foods from all over the world. I wrote about them on my blog, "Marty's Vegan Flying Review." It's still up if you want to have a look: www.martysveganflyingreview.com

Slowly the eggs and dairy just dropped away. Cheese also fell by the wayside and all I was eating was seafood and fish. (I started working on the boats in Brooklyn when I was 8 years old and I used to clean fish for tips).

I had a conversation with my daughter one night while making swordfish. Not to get into the mobius loop that a child's conversation can create using the simple word, "Why?" but let's just say that it went from discussing “Why we don't eat more swordfish?” to the fact the government suggested we keep our swordfish consumption to only once every 6 months to avoid mercury growth in your brain, to the fact that we shouldn't eat fish at all in a mere 10 seconds. (Whew! Kids!).

After this talk, I became a vegan pilot. I started on a journey that would show me how wonderful vegan restaurants had no lines and many mediocre ones had lines out the door. I heard every argument from my fellow airmen about why they needed meat, or this or that, in their diets and I researched each and every one of them. Turns out they didn't.

I went through the equivalent of culinary school with a Masters in “Restauranteurship” watching hundreds of hours of the Food Channel. I thought I could do it better.

For several reasons I left the charter pilot's life. I thought this might be an opportunity to change the world to be a better place for humans, for the ecology, and for the animals. And for those of you who are still wondering, I finally quit smoking for good 14 years ago, a year after my daughter was born.

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