A loan of $5,000 helped invest in the necessary building blocks to launch our food manufacturing business.

James's story

My younger brother, Jeffrey, and I grew up in the metro Detroit area, and have lived in southeast Michigan our entire lives. We are second generation Chaldean-Americans, and we come from a very entrepreneurial family. As we grew up, we began to gravitate toward what would become some of our true passions; myself – music and the arts, and Jeffrey – technology and computers. Jeffrey started and has maintained his own small business in IT since 2006, while I managed and sustained an independent career in music for close to a decade, which included producing 3+ albums, and logging over 150,000 miles traveling across our country to perform.

Jeffrey’s computer support business is growing and thriving, and I currently have a career working in Customer and Relationship Services for a large automaker in downtown Detroit.

While we both enjoy our respective careers – and appreciate the value of working hard, full-time, for an honest wage – we both share a longing for a more rewarding endeavor where we can contribute to the ever-growing positive nutrition movement, and follow our passion at the same time.

For our entire lives, our grandfather traveled around the area and sold his spices to family, friends, and restaurants. Several years ago, Jeffrey decided to learn the business and asked our grandfather to teach him about some of his favorite recipes. This past winter, a few years after grandpa’s passing, my brother and I got together to make a batch of one of the favorite snacks of our youth. After going through this process, the question was casually thrown out there: “Do you think that we should try to sell this?” After deliberation, we quickly identified two recipes which we specifically felt would be filling a void in America’s culinary landscape.

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