A loan of $5,000 helped to buy a larger truck that will service more customers and communities.

Melissa's story

I grew up in a struggling middle class family in Des Plaines, IL. For about 6 months in high school we lived with my grandparents. My grandpa first made me aware of composting and shared with me the importance of recycling organic material because of the benefit it gave to his garden. I graduated a semester early from high school, with honors, and moved out when I was 17 to live in my first apartment in the mighty city of Chicago.

While I was not an avid composter then, I would take eggshells and stick them into my house plants. Like many multi-dwelling units in the 90's, my building didn't recycle cans or bottles. I called it guilt while others might have called it a social consciousness, but I used to take my recycling to my parent’s curbside an hour away from Chicago. Little did I know then that I would be hauling on a larger level later in life.

I eventually grew tired of the urban jungle and moved to Milwaukee in 2004. Five years later, I’ve established roots here in Milwaukee and created a nonprofit called Kompost Kids. I created this organization because of the overwhelming lack of education and infrastructure on organics recycling. Community gardens were becoming ever so popular and soil is a very expensive overhead. We were hoping that a community compost program with Kompost Kids would help residents/businesses divert organics from the landfill while creating nutrient rich compost for community gardens. My dream is that we can embrace organics diversion as the next level of recycling. I want to help Milwaukee achieve landfill independence while healing the many brown fields that our manufacturing past has created.

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