A loan of $5,000 helped develop a website, work with a designer, purchase fabric, trims and have samples sewn, enabling me to bring the 10 piece collection to market.

Gail's story

In retrospect, I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. When I was 15, I would go to the market, in the summer, buy a variety of fruits, and make fruit cups to sell to people on the beach. I also created a company called Poems By Phone. I would listen to stories about people, craft a customized poem and read it over the phone to the intended. For an additional fee, I would have it printed and framed. Years later, I created a company called Beautifully Big Intimate Apparel and manufactured lingerie and sleepwear for full figure women - my goal was to give her something personal and pretty because she deserved more then big beige bloomers, which was all that was available to her at that time. I will never forget participating in a fashion show at Nordstroms when a women came over to thank us for giving her something pretty that also made her feel good.

I have worked in the women’s apparel industry for more than 20 years as a designer, manufacturer, retailer, merchandiser and salesperson. I am passionate about dressing busy women who have to move seamlessly from their multifaceted roles as homemakers, businesswomen, caregivers and visionaries.

Our philosophy at CoCo & Grace is to cater to women and their busy lifestyle. Let's say I'm adding an expanded definition to power dressing - - the relaxed look for all those empowered women out there that are always on the go. Good fit, fabric and style can help a woman feel good about herself. And, when a women feels good, there's no end to what she may accomplish.

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