A loan of $5,000 helped buy production supplies, web development/social media platforms, and to expand our brand.

Scott's story

Josh Niemet and I fell in love, planned a wedding and invited the world to enjoy the day with us in an old converted factory. The night was filled with love and laughter... and the scent of cedar wood, rosemary and nag champa.
We took our candle obsession and decided to create a candle for this night. The air was warm and homespun, as the guest bid their farewells, they left with the parting gift of a candle. Friends and family lit their gift and remembered the night ... and they wanted more.

As we were making plans to start our new life together in a city we fell in love with, Philadelphia, we saw an amazing opportunity to build a business organically, symbolic of our relationship. With a half a year goal to leave Ohio, we started creating more scents and making home deliveries all over the area. We needed a name for this venture. We had already discussed our dream of having a child named Olliver. The name was perfect, because this new venture was paving the path to a place of stability and to prepare for this child, a child named Olliver.

Ohio made for a supportive farewell, selling out of candles at a flea market two weeks before our belongings were packed. Our current family of three cats and two dogs was on the way to Philly.

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Industry: Arts
Years in operation: 1 year - 3 years
Website: olliverlifestyle.com


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