A loan of $5,000 helped buy printing plates and packing materials to customize my branded bags and create larger quantities at a lower cost.

Ronald's story

I am an energetic, young entrepreneur who possess not only a deep love for Peru and its culture, but also a drive to bring the best, most interesting Peruvian cuisine to the US.

I was born in Peru, where I lived with my family until age 18. Both my parents were entrepreneurs that succeeded after hard and smart work. I have an entrepreneur blood. Growing up in Peru is a culinary luxury. Everyday, my mother would cook a hot meal consisting in potatoes, rice vegetables and meats or seafood, we would always have dessert too, then on the weekends, at grandma's house we had a feast: ceviche, roasted duck or pachamanca, a traditional dish cooked in mud pots under the ground!

It was amazing, no matter what the main dish was, we would always have cancha- fried corn snacks- to munch on before, during and even after our meal.

After my 18th birthday, I migrated to United States to pursue an education in Business and the American dream. I studied International Business at San Francisco State University, with a focus on Emerging Markets.

Currently, I am the creator and founder (2012) of Nazqiz, a company that manufactures and distributes specialty snacks made from exotic, nutritious ingredients from Peru.

My passion for my culture, along with my acquired knowledge of the food industry (an experienced restaurant insider), visionary mind, and perseverance have led me to pursue my dream of creating a company with a great potential of growth, while benefiting customers and promoting the Peruvian culture.

My future goal is that by making Nazqiz a successful company, be able to incorporate sustainable and socially responsible practices that will allow me improve the lives of everybody involved in this enterprise: from the farmers in the remote Andes of Peru to the manufacturing team in California. My vision, knowledge, experience, and energy will drive Nazqiz forward.

Growing up in Lima-Peru, I saw the popularity of a staple tasty peruvian snack called Cancha, and imagined a tremendous opportunity for Peruvian, food and snacks in the US and (later) global markets. I grew up cooking and eating Cancha at home, using my family's recipes and dreaming on one day to became be able to share my passion for Peruvian food with the world.

During my senior year at SFSU, I started thinking on ways of materializing my dreams, I explored different projects related with marketing the Peruvian cuisine. I finally got to the realization that in order to capture the most customers, I had to come by with something delicious, healthy and simple made of authentic Peruvian ingredients that will reflect the magic of the Peruvian culture in them. I created Qancha, Nazqiz first of many yet to come Peruvian snacks. Ever since, my mission became to bring simple, healthy, unique, truly wonderful-tasting Peruvian snacks to the American markets while promoting my culture.

All this knowledge coupled with my passion for my product, guarantees that Nazqiz Qancha will become a sensation all over the America.

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Industry: Food
Years in operation: 1 year - 3 years
Website: nazqiz.com


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