A loan of $4,000 helped grow our camp programs, and provide additional training and support to our staff.

Deshawn's story

I am a born entrepreneur! Even if that's not how others saw me, that's how I saw myself. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, who sometimes denied and downplayed their entrepreneurial bloodline. I then went on to work in community and enterprise development where I met women with similar stories of denied or delayed aspirations of ownership and leadership; women who felt that being female (and maybe also minority) meant they would not be given the same consideration and encouragement as their entrepreneurial and innovating male counterparts. The turning point was the birth of my first daughter, in whose eyes I saw a tiny beautiful black girl whose dreams I would never want to delay or deny.

After brainstorming with my husband, She-EO® was born. Three daughters later - my Future SheEOs - I have now taken She-EO®, LLC from a draft in 2003. It is now a business that produces programs, training, events and products designed around a mission to inspire and empower current and future SheEOs everywhere!

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About The SheEO® Academy & Camp

Industry: Education
Years in operation: More than 5 years
Website: SheEOacademy.com


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