A loan helped buy cattle and draft horse breeding stock, expand our product lines and keep our Farm Store open.

Racey's story

My favorite memories of childhood are of my time spent outdoors, playing in the woods, digging in the gardens and turning over logs to find worms, voles and centipedes. Yet, I never imagined that I would grow up to be someone who tended the land. I saw myself a doctor, or an astronaut, or an Air Force pilot like my Grandpa.

Through 20-years of school I narrowed my interest to languages and international affairs, striving for skills that would earn me an office with a view, a title, and a lingo filled with big words and acronyms. As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mauritania, I tasted the challenge and felt the risks and fulfillment of farming to produce food and support a community, and fell in love with it. Yet, farming was not a profession I could choose. Instead, I went on to graduate school, got a job in a cubicle in Mali (no view), and cultivated my computer skills - sadly, the only “agricultural tools” I needed. I rarely spent time outdoors.

At the end of two years living in Mali, a friend suggested I try farming for the summer, to get it out of my system. I sought advice from many, ignored their warnings, turned down a career-enhancing job in DC, and set out to work on Essex Farm in Essex, NY.

Five years later, I am still in Essex, and have my own farm with three fabulous partners. Each day of the year, farming stimulates my senses and fills my brain with mind-boggling logistical, biological and ecological puzzles. I feel sunshine, smell sweat, shed tears, feel bruises, laugh, and wrestle with the what-ifs of weather, marketing and financial projections. Strong, competent, caring people surround me. I produce nourishment for them and others, and experience the power of physical and intellectual teamwork daily. It could not be a better professional choice.

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