A loan of $5,000 helped purchase flour and repair equipment.

Pete's story

My name is Pete and I am an entrepreneur. It is the only thing I can see myself being. Though I did not identify as an entrepreneur until recently, it is clear to me now that I have always been one.

As a young boy I would set up yard sales with whatever I could scrounge up - matchbox cars, lamps, cards, etc. Around the same time in my life I had a tendency to invent and market unusual frozen candy bars. Then, in 6th grade, my parents gave me a CD burner so I could create and sell mixtapes. However, selling stuff was not my motivation. Rather, I was propelled by my love for ideating and implementing.

Beginning my sophomore year in high school, I represented my high school peers as the class president. During this time I raised thousands of dollars by initiating a successful concert series. The hours I spent coordinating these events with fellow musicians are the fondest memories I have of high school.

During college, I designed my own college major titled Globalization and Entrepreneurship. With the help of my professors, I wrote and received two grants to study and implement urban agriculture in Springfield, MA. In the last 18 months of college, I successfully created an employment training program called New Growth Gardens which installed mid sized community gardens with youth workers.

Bottom line, I live to "make it happen." Now I'm working to create a great company called Philly Bread. I've made considerable progress already but I need some help!

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About Philly Bread

Industry: Food
Years in operation: 6 months - 1 year
Website: phillybread.com


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