A loan of $2,500 helped bring IJayApparel to the next level, by purchasing more production and marketing materials.

Ilbert's story

Born and raised in Honduras located in Central America, I arrived in the United States at the age of six to begin my journey to the American Dream. Raised in what was a new world to my young self, I had to navigate life while learning new customs and a new language, even while living in a traditional Spanish speaking Honduran home. I overcame all these challenges and differences to excel in art and design. After finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, I began to understand that in order to realize my dreams, I would have to take great risks.

I describe myself as a born entrepreneur, and after graduation embarked on capturing what I felt was the perfect atheistic for ambitious fashionable young people as myself through launching IJayApparel. Creating clothing and accessories with strong messages of hope and inspiration, I design from my own desire for greatness, with the goal of inspiring it in others. I aspire to advertise the brand on all platforms, giving a voice to my generation’s path to the American Dream.

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About IJayApparel

Industry: Clothing
Years in operation: 1 year - 3 years
Website: IJayApparel.com


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