A loan of $10,000 helped outfit my new kitchen so that I can expand my production capabilities.

Elizabeth's story

I’ve enjoyed cooking for as long as I can remember. As a kid growing up in Central NJ, I’d hover around my parents as they cooked, wanting to help stir, flip, chop or grate whatever was being made. I learned about challenges and rewards of running a business at a young age from my mom. Twenty years ago she started her own photography business, which she has built into successful, ever-evolving enterprise. When my brother and I were kids we were happily employed hauling lighting equipment and helping package photos for delivery. At the time, I never would have dreamed that years later my mom would be the one helping me peel sweet potatoes and measure ingredients for my business.

Once I started moving in the direction of starting a business, it seemed like my destiny to become an entrepreneur in Jersey City. Nearly 100 years ago my great-grandfather operated a butcher shop near the corner of 1st St and Monmouth St in downtown Jersey City. Decades later, my grandfather continued the family tradition by owning a butcher shop in the Marion section of Jersey City. My dad, who’s recipes and cooking prowess have been a major source of inspiration, has also made a career as a butcher. One might be surprised that the daughter of butchers would start a veggie burger business, but I see my business as a 21st century continuation of our family’s proud tradition of bringing quality food to the Jersey City community.

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