A loan of $5,000 helped acquire the tools and classes I need to improve my leather working business.

Matt's story

I was raised on a farm in Southeast Kansas in a family of multi-generational tradesmen. I grew up learning wood and metal working from my father while my mother taught me sewing and design. Having early skills helped me develop a healthy work ethic along with a desire to create. My problem solving skills were a necessity because my family home was 30 miles from town. When things on the farm broke or stopped working, running out to grab a needed part wasn't always an option. Working closely with my father in his workshop, along with my uncles, taught me to develop and hone my craft. In college, I applied my sewing and fabrication skills to the Kansas State University's theatre department. There I learned about large scale installation and creative application of process and design.

After school I embarked on a variety of unfulfilling office and service industry jobs, but I continued to pursue fabrication projects on the side for friends. My side work quickly began to overshadow my day job. My utilitarian and creative projects have always been rewarding. With the loyalty and assistance of my friends and the incredible support of my fiancé, they are becoming as profitable as they are rewarding. I've been able to start Level Projects and fulfill my desire to follow in the craftsmen and tradesmen footsteps of my family.

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Industry: Retail
Years in operation: 1 year - 3 years


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