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Todd's story

My name is Todd Kimball. I have overcome great obstacles to live a life helping others. I was born with Cerebral Palsy weighing two pounds at birth. In the late 60's, most people born in my situation did not survive. From a very young age, I had a sense of social entrepreneurship, instilled by my parents. As a six year old first grader, I was one of the first kids in California with a disability to be mainstreamed into public school.

I was dedicated to my studies and went on to earn a top-notch education. I was named the graduate student of the year when earning my MBA at Arizona State. During and after my education, I had successful careers as a sportscaster, the producer and host of a syndicated radio show that empowered people with disabilities, and as an executive within a staffing company.

In my personal life, two very important people to me have suffered brain injuries; my father was considered a medical miracle because he lived with a brain tumor for seventeen years; my wife of eleven years suffered a traumatic brain injury from a childhood car accident. Through caring for those loved ones, I learned a great deal about brain injuries. Everyone knows the brain controls everything, yet often we take this for granted and may even be quick to judge those with disabilities.

One of the biggest things I took away from my radio career was the power and access granted to those who are members of the media. People with developmental disabilities need power and access. Thus, United By Media was born.

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