A loan of $5,000 helped purchase equipment to expand our product services, and speed up production.

Richard's story

I grew up in New York and was influenced by Brooklyn street culture: by graffiti art, skateboarding, and music sub-culture as a young kid.

I later moved to Atlanta, Georgia where I began promoting my own electronic music events at age 19 - my first turn as an entrepreneur. Through this, I made enough money to afford my first Apple computer, which led me to switch career gears to follow my love and passion for design.

I moved back to New York to work during the Internet boom, only to quickly experience a catastrophic time: the Internet boom turned into a popped bubble, a financial crash followed. At the same time, the towers of the World Trade Center, once visible across the street, also fell before my very eyes, and I only just escaped the crashing of the first tower.

Right after, I struggled as a video scratcher pioneering an art of mixing video for live events, managing to get featured in some noteworthy magazines but finally made the call to go back to school to get a formal design education. I received a degree from Fashion Institute of Technology, and attended The School of Visual Arts to further my design education in Interaction. Together - my background and my training - combined to form my current creative focus: creating products of innovation that fuse art and technology, while focusing on our environment.

I currently sell these products on ETSY (https://www.etsy.com/shop/hollowbookco).

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