A loan of $5,000 helped streamline my chocolate production with a tempering machine, purchase eco-friendly packaging, and invest in supplies to make more molds.

Juliana's story

I first realized my passion for sculpting in Maui, Hawaii where I discovered the alchemical process of working with clay in a ceramic class. I later picked up sculpting again, in Arizona, and I developed a method for creating 3-D geometric forms. Tucson has been a great place to explore my creativity. I find much inspiration in the many cactus species that are unique to this part of the world.

My experimentation with mold making began with the intention to recreate some intricate geometric forms found in nature. Realizing that I could make food safe molds and work with chocolate led my artistic direction towards conscious nourishment. The influence of some wonderfully inspiring friends, involved in the raw food movement, played a role in shifting my focus from non-functional ceramic art to delightfully nutritious edible art.

I have done a bit of backpacking through several countries. My favorite places to visit have been rich with ancient traditions where people have simple lifestyles in close relation with nature. My family is from Mexico and it has a special place in my heart. The deep mysteries, rich culture, diverse cuisine, and of course chocolate keep me going back for more! I have visited a few chocolate factories and cacao farms, in Oaxaca and Chiapas, and experienced the way cacao beans are produced into chocolate bars. This is where my dream to work with chocolate was born. A dream that took an exciting turn when I began to integrate my creativity and skills in sculpture with my love for chocolate.

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