A loan of $5,000 helped move forward and lease the commercial kitchen space we’ve identified and cover what we need to get the business going.

Carey's story

I grew up in Newark, NJ in a loving family with my mother, father and four siblings. I attended Newark local grade schools and graduated from high school. As a child, I worked as a newspaper delivery boy in the mornings before school, and shoeshine boy on weekends. I later attended Rowan University and worked a variety of food and beverage positions to support myself. At the age of 29, I married my first wife Felicia who gave me two sons William and Carey Jr. We were married for more than 18 years when she became ill. After a short battle with Lupus, my wife passed away in late March 2004.

I was devastated. I had two young sons, William about to graduate high school, who excelled as an athlete and Carey Jr. who was about to finish grammar school. I felt lost, confused and was totally unprepared to handle the new responsibilities of being a single parent and sole provider for our family. Although I lost my wife, confidant, best friend, mother of my children, and love of my life, I couldn't give up on my boys. They too had suffered a devastating loss and were looking to me for direction and guidance. This was the most difficult time in my life. However, I held on to what little faith in God I had and my family to just make it through one day at a time.

I decided to fight the depression, sadness, and feelings of defeat and made sure William got into college and Carey Jr. graduated from high school. Somehow, I managed to move on and eventually met and married my current wife Jennifer who helped me to maintain order through this crisis period.

Today, Carey Jr. is in college, William is married and has two sons of his own, and Jennifer and I are currently celebrating our fifth year of marriage.

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