A loan of $5,000 helped buy our first truck.

Allyson's story

I have always been a curious and hardworking young lady. My strong work ethic was brought about as a result of entering my adulthood in the midst of a recession. Many Americans were challenged in the year 2009, and that was the year I entered college. As I entered into a new and difficult stage of life, so did my parents as they were both laid off from their jobs. Further compounding matters, they lost our home to foreclosure too. My mother, a hygienist, lost her position when her office downsized, and my father, a contract construction worker, was unable to find clients because of the economic crisis. But I didn't let these hardships become a barrier before my goals. I took charge of my financial wellbeing and supported my parents whenever I had the opportunity. Throughout college, I worked in competitive retail sales and held the record for the youngest salesperson in my field. I was a top earner in sales, and I used my money to pay for necessities, books and tuition in the booming city of Washington, DC. My success with sales gave me confidence to take on ventures I had always been curious about. I even tried to purchase a house at 19 years-old because I felt that it would have been more advantageous for me than renting!

Ever since I went to college, I stayed true to my vow to be self-sufficient. My natural leanings towards self-starting, independence, and curiosity have led me to find the path of entrepreneurship. I love entrepreneurship and want to educate young women everywhere on its ability to empower an individual and their communities.

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