A loan of $5,000 helped add 2 industrial machines, electric rotary cutters, an additional seamstress on our payroll, tagging and marketing expenses, an iPad for market season, and an integrated POS system to my business.

Cassandra's story

I was raised in the Santa Cruz mountains, in a log cabin in the woods. My dad built our house himself, and continues to add to it as the years go on. My parents have never been together as a couple (since I was born) but they have always been in a rock n' roll band together. To this day, they are the best of friends, band mates, and extremely active, supportive parents.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been known as an over-achiever. In those formative years, I was captain/MVP of my varsity basketball team, student body president, enrolled in all AP classes, lead in every school musical, had three bands that toured the world, and had an insatiable creative side. All the while, I was from a family of humble means, and had two jobs serving tables from the age of fourteen through all of high school.

To this day, I balance my busy schedule with a proud sense of industry. In addition to my clothing company, my retail shop, my 2 bands, my board seats on non-profits that I have worked for years to support, and my role as a fashion show producer, I also keep a second job. My second job has enabled me to continually invest in my business as it has grown over the last three years. My story is the unique balance of unbridled ambition and a proud sense of work ethic.

What I am most proud of is that every thing in my life, I have earned myself. I am only twenty-six years old: I put myself through college, I opened a retail shop, I created a clothing company, and I still make time for the things I love.

I will never forget when I opened my store, my dad said to me, “you don't have much money to open this shop, but you have nothing to lose, and you already know you can do this. You trust yourself to do the work.” I'm so humbled by how quickly our store became one of the most beloved in the city. Our boutique carries products from over 600 designer-manufacturers from the NW, and is known as the hub for Portland-based design. Our mission grows deeper each year, and now the growth of our in-house clothing company is our next step. Most surprising and exciting is that demand for our garments has been overwhelmingly increasing. It is time for us to bring our clothing company to a national market, and spread our message of American-made, designer-manufactured goods.

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Industry: Clothing
Years in operation: 1 year - 3 years
Website: magbig.com


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