A loan of $5,000 helped buy needed supplies pertinent for the successful launch of our Ice Cream Sandwich and Cold Brewed Coffee business.

Patrick's story

Hello. Patrick Griffith and Ed Cornell. We are the brains behind Milk Cult.

Ed has always been a deviant in the world of Ice cream. After receiving a restaurant quality ice cream maker as a Christmas gift, Ed became a complete Ice Cream Geek. We both have been making Cold Brewed Coffee for years, and I (Patrick) have always had a penchant for creative cookies.

I found myself working for one of the first food trucks that spearheaded DC’s entire mobile-food scene, while Ed was teaching English in Bali surviving Tsunamis (not a joke). Being in the thick of the mobile-food scene everyday and learning from the best in the biz, I was constantly inspired. The idea’s behind Milk Cult was conceived during a road trip the we embarked on. It was a shared pipe dream that we could both end up fusing our talents together to create their own unique food business, and the world of DC’s food trucks seemed the perfect place to start.

A huge “Eureka!” moment happened when Ed described the motorcycle food carts he loved so much in Bali. We linked our passion for Ice Cream and delicious cookies, and the idea of a Ice Cream Sandwiches being served from a roving motorcycle sidecar was born. A little later, the idea of serving our “Cold Brew” trickled in, seeming to make almost perfect sense.

The investment from the Kiva Zip community of $5,000 would do Milk Cult a world of good. We still need a larger quantity of molds for our Ice cream sandwiches, hard materials for our sidecar/freezer build-out, and large purchases of bottles to sell our Cold Brewed Coffee in DC area grocers.

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Industry: Food
Years in operation: New Business
Website: MilkCultDC.com


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