A loan of $5,000 helped purchase equipment to produce videos for foundations, non-profits, and .orgs to communicate critical options and messages of environmental sustainability.

Liz's story

My name is Liz and I'm the founder of Ecodeo ( e-kod-ee-o)​, a new digital media firm that focuses on storytelling for a sustainable future. ​Ecodeo has three meanings: Eco, Code, & Video. Simply put - we make an impact by ​amplifying climate justice campaigns, conscious consumerism, eco products, smart promote energy, product and transportation solutions, and eco advocacy campaigns through video production and​ ​overall outreach​ ​​strategy.

Prior to Ecodeo, I worked as a contractor/ freelance filmmaker for 15 years behind a camera in broadcast TV, Film, Advertising and documentary. I founded ​E​codeo because I ​can't believe (and still cant' believe) how slowly climate change initiatives and​ ​​sustainable options​ are happening (even though all the renewable and power saving technology we need is here). ​Every single day, there are new sustainable innovations, eco-inventions, eco-product designs, eco-transit , clean tech, clean energy solutions, technologies and policies born​ and most of the population is not adapting. We must cut our carbon levels by 2 degrees to even have a chance at surviving as a species and that means we all must make lifestyle changes and be hyper aware of resources we use. Trends indicate the younger generations are more socially responsible. There can't be enough media.. in my opinion that helps us get toward a sustainable future.

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