A loan helped get my business off the ground by putting the right business plan in place, obtaining an LLC, and purchasing an enclosed trailer enabling me to transport my equipment from one customer to the next.

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Hello!! My name is Ricardo Rivera also known as Rich. I am originally from New York City, where I was raised by my mother and grew up with 3 siblings. Growing up in an apartment complex, maintenance of the apartment and outside grounds were taken care of by management. Eventually I married my beautiful wife and started a family of my own. We bought our first home and I was faced with the fact that I had to learn how to maintain this home on my own. To be honest, the first time I cut my lawn I ruined it, but with time I got better and soon became the envy of the neighborhood. I took pride in how my lawn looked and this attracted the attention of my neighbors who quickly came to me for help with their own lawns.

I have been a full time truck driver for approximately 20 years. After perfecting my lawn, I began to do landscaping on the side. Working 4 - 10 hour workdays I was quickly able to built up a steady clientele on my 3 days off and I have been dedicating myself to this second job for the past four years. Landscaping has given me a sense of pride and independence. My goal is to make this a full-time business that will continue to flourish and succeed.

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