A loan of $5,000 helped lease a professional work and consultation space and purchase a portable warm box and stove to help cater food to larger clients.

Garrick's story

My name is Garrick and I was born 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica West Indies. I always dreamt of being an entrepreneur and finally managed to start that dream at age 38.

In March 2011, I started my food and beverage / catering business with $150. I used this $150 to do only one thing: which is to file the documents to officially start being an entrepreneur.

But it was a long and winding (and often circular) road between 1973 and 2011. In that time, I worked in a grocery store to stocked shelves, a salesperson, and a cook. In between jobs, I was jobless for a total of 24 months. I was homeless - not just once but twice.

During one of those periods, I was sleeping in an abandoned building. It reminded me of the Bob Marley song, “Cold Ground was my bed last night and rock stone was my pillow.” Woken up by a passing dog at 2am, I made a promise to myself that I would work as hard and as long as I can to make sure I’d never experience this again.

After I incorporated my business in 2011, I still needed startup capital to start making income as a caterer. I applied for more than 10 loans at several institutions but was rejected each time. Not knowing that each loan rejection would hurt my credit. In the end, I funded my first business purchases (computer, printer, chafing dishes, etc.) bit by bit by selling soda.

Today....I am chef-owner of Mason Catering Services that caters to customers in 5 different New York boroughs. But the dream is bigger still: to expand my business to multiple locations and to hire people and serve even more great food to more people.

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Industry: Food
Years in operation: 1 year - 3 years
Website: masoncatering.com


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