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Brandie's story

It all started with a trip to Costa Rica a few years ago. What began as just a study abroad course observing animal behavior in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve quickly developed into a deep interest and passion for herbal medicine, living simply, and what I like to call “eco-liciousness.”

Having been raised by parents who I would affectionately refer to as “health nuts,” I did my best to rebel against their alternative/natural health school of thought during my teen years. Oh, how I hated being that weird kid who didn’t drink sodas and used a different brand of deodorant than all my friends!

But, somewhere deep within this cloud forest I began to experience a connection with the local ticos, and ultimately -- with my youth and myself. I learned to embrace not only their way of life, but their passion for the flora and fauna of the area.

When I returned home, I was inspired to change directions in my life. Although I was still interested in healthcare and helping people, I began to question conventional health practices and started looking for more natural alternatives instead. I explored herbal remedies for any ailments that I experienced, and offered my advice to any family or friends that would listen. I bought books on herbs and began to teach myself about their amazing ability to heal.

And then, one day, in a stroke of brilliance – you know, the kind that only happens once every so often – it occurred to me that people needed to reconnect not only with a simpler way of living, but with their inner beauty as well. Just as a flower unfurls its petals and leans toward the sun, so should our bodies “lean” toward products that offer natural sensory experiences – whether it be through touch, sight, taste, smell or even sound.

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