A loan of $5,000 helped buy a laser cutter, which will enable Shelwes to cut out its own parts, a long range money saver for the company.

Shelley's story

I have lived in Arkansas pretty much all my life. I spent a lot of time on my grandparents' farm both working and playing. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas with a degree in Education and certifications in English, science, and social studies. I have taught middle school for 15 years in each of the subjects just mentioned, as well as reading and geography. My son graduated from the high school where I taught last, and since then I have been pursuing the "ultimate science fair" reality of becoming an entrepreneur. My favorite subject to teach is science, and I integrated it with English every year by entering my students into science fair competitions. I organized the school's local fairs, chose competent judges for each category, and took my top two students in each category to compete at the district level, which I often hosted and organized also. The next level of competition was state, where my students advanced if they placed in the top two for their categories. Along the way, I helped the students to write their hypotheses, procedures, and conclusions as well as develop their experiments, trials, and presentations. Several of my students placed first, second, and third every year we competed. Since I have become involved in this business, developing the product, applying for patents, testing, and everything else involved, I would like to see it to fruition, if for nothing else, to show my students, children, and upcoming students the real life application and reason to be motivated to take on such an endeavor.

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