A loan of $10,000 helped purchase a cheese vat to increase production.

Kent's story

My story begins years ago in my kitchen in Colorado. I was working as a computer drone in a large corporation; doing well, but unfulfilled. I was inspired to try a craft by my home-brewing friends, so I chose cheesemaking to compliment their delicious beer. Meanwhile, I was falling in love with a girl back home. Moving back to Arkansas meant many big steps, including marriage and leaving my mindless desk job.

While looking for work in Little Rock, I found a few non-corporate jobs to make ends meet. I began by filling pints at a local brewery and learning distilling at a new local spirits maker. While doing these jobs, I realized that I loved making a product more than computer code. Producing something that would make people smile was my passion. This also drove home how much local products mean to the economy and environment. I thought about how my hobby of making cheese could become a full time job. A job that could help support local farmers, create a business that helped downtown Little Rock grow and fill a niche in the market.

I am lucky to be supported by an incredible community that helped and promoted me every step of the way and certainly plan on putting as much support back into the community as well!

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About Kent Walker Artisan Cheese

Industry: Food
Years in operation: 1 year - 3 years
Website: kentwalkercheese.com


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