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Cynthia's story

I am a California native born in Los Angeles and raised in Oakland where I live now. I have always been entrepreneurial and hard working. From age 8 working in my Grand Aunt's vintage clothing store, to working as a teen in retail. Sometimes I worked in my dad's kennel/grooming salon sweeping, bathing doggies, or manning the cash register. I can't remember not working, even through college.

Education was a priority in my family. While attending high school I qualified for the Professional Development Program at UC Berkeley. PDP was designed for 'gifted' children of color, and required attendance on Saturdays during the school year and all summer. PDP had a profound impact raising my achievement bar, and providing a sampling of college life which was advantageous.

Some of my favorite memories are family road trip vacations to just about anywhere. Yosemite. Klamath Falls. Disneyland! That's why I love to travel now. Jordan, Italy, Syria, Zanzibar. I prefer to design my own trips, and get 'lost' in the experience. I enjoy learning from the people, music, culture and food of where I am visiting!

When I attended USC, I had planned to be a filmmaker (due to Star Wars primarily). But opportunity led me to Engineering. A tough major, it taught me critical thinking, analytical and logic skills. Another bar was raised.

My career has crossed many industries, from aerospace and banking, to telecommunications and now Internet consulting. My dream is to utilize the revolution of technology and virtual work to carve out a lifestyle business. Not everyone of us will be rich, but everyone can be happy. The more consistent our work style is to our lifestyle, the happier and more satisfied we all will be.

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