A loan of $5,000 helped manufacture and distribute 500 shelters to people in Los Angeles while raising awareness about our new non-profit, proving success of our program, and collecting more donations toward our cause.

Tina's story

During the summer of 2007 I studied abroad in Southeast Asia and witnessed extreme poverty in third world countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia. All I could think was how is it possible that these people survive and are happy with so little while in America we have exponentially more and the majority of people are depressed or struggling to survive. It was clear to me that, on a global scale, there are too many financial and social imbalances. With that in mind, I came back to LA with an appreciation for my circumstances and a new goal to focus my career. The following semester, I decided to direct my talents and skills as a designer toward my true passion, to reveal social injustice. My main goal became helping the homeless by providing a solution that included design intelligence for a population that was generally ignored.

As a young professional architect, I am expected to go out and find the ideal job at a large design firm and make a decent living for myself in order to be considered successful in society. This sounds like a satisfying task, however I do not see the rewarding aspect of a career path where my work would produce minimal social change. I find much more satisfaction and happiness comes from the time I spend using my skills and talents to help others while making a clear public statement that social injustices can no longer be ignored. I see myself as an example of a successful female, Armenian, Architect and social entrepreneur who has been able to apply my Bachelors of Architecture degree in a different way in order to help individuals who need the most care and attention while giving back to society and being environmentally conscious.

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