A loan of $5,000 helped to hire a Chef to run the culinary part of our program.

Teresa's story

As a former corrections officer and gang prevention worker, I became quite aware of a great need:

The youths in juvenile hall told me story after story of their need and want for a job, a sense of belonging and protection. Where they did not get this from their own families and community, they were able to find that in gangs and crime.

As I asked them for their own solutions, they made it very clear: a workplace that would hire them (and look past an intimidating demeanor and crime records) and give them a job and a family / connection.

Thus began my search for providing them with these needs and a clear vision of a youth-run supper club developed. I saw the youth staff in retro clothing, music playing and youth performers entertaining a supper crowd. Above the restaurant I saw classrooms where they would gain marketable skills and learn and develop their passions.

I've worked for 6 years, with many volunteers, to build Old Skool Cafe, from being an event, pop up based restaurant to having our own space in the Bayview District.

We did not have a restaurant home for some time before we turned my own home into a makeshift restaurant. I partnered with many chefs and caterers in San Francisco to host events / supper club gatherings in their venues. I made a lot of contacts this way and hired many volunteer, professional and well-known chefs.

I also reconnected with an old friend who was willing to help turn my own home into a supper club. We were able to use my own home as a business to host many events, supper clubs and increase community outreach and partnership to raise money for our own full-sized restaurant in Bayview.

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