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Kahlia's story

I grew up in a family where being committed to being a community volunteer and advocate, was a rite of passage. My family has a long history of giving back to the community, which stemmed from being fortunate business owners. WE became a part of generations of community servants. Little did I realize, that serving the community Thanksgiving meals at the recreation center, helping write letters, or making phone calls for donations to make food baskets for Seniors who sometimes needed a little help because they ran out before they receive their benefits, and carwashes to raise money for the neighborhood Summer block parties, would be a pivotal foundation for the pathways that led to my present goals and endeavors.

My background in working as an Intake Coordinator for Catholic Family Charities also contributed to my “community-driven" foundation and it gave me more insight into the needs of families. It also gave me the ability to be an entrepreneur and organize a unique type of childcare business. The Childcare business is a flourishing industry because of the increasing need and demand for more daycares. Since COVID, the needs are increasing in different ways. COVID has altered so many things we used to feel we could depend on. Most daycares do what they need to do; get clients, provide the required care for the children including meals and snacks. My business will incorporate more diverse and community-centered activities, projects, and a specialized curriculum/program that was developed specifically for my childcare center. It will also incorporate assistance for families to help them connect to resources when in need and to also encourage self-efficacy and self-sufficiency.

At the Golden Treasures Childcare Center, we will encourage each child to flourish and grow to be their best potential self. THEY are our little treasures!

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