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A loan of $6,500 helps a small, mobile cold-pressed juice bar open a storefront for Quench Juice Bar in Downtown Baltimore.

Baltimore, MD, United States

Food Production/Sales



Renee's story

I am Renee, a young professional who gained her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the illustrious Howard University in Washington, DC. Hailing from the twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, I have represented my county as a national swimmer from the age of seven to nineteen years old, on an international level, at many swimming competitions worldwide.

Being a swimmer allowed me to maintain a somewhat strict, healthy, diet, filled with natural juices, smoothies, and 'ground provisions' (the term used in West Indian nations to describe a number of traditional root vegetable staples such as yams, sweet potatoes, dasheen root, eddos, and cassava), and many other healthy foods. This caused me to fall in love with health and wellness and learning about how different foods that are filled with many different types of vitamins and minerals, is essential to the body.

My grandfather, who still resides in Trinidad, and who I have coined "the juice King", also had a serious role to play in my love for juice. Growing up, we were fortunate enough to have a backyard filled with many fruit and vegetable trees. He experimented with different fruits, making many unique combinations, which were ALWAYS crowd favorites! With my love for juice, and the opportunity to be employed at a juice bar, I decided that my creations also needed to be enjoyed by the greater public, so I started offering samples of my own blends to my friends and family.

Today, I vend at pop-up shops and farmer's markets locally, trying to get my brand's name to be a household name while encouraging fun, healthy, delicious eating habits!

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