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A loan of $6,000 helps us pay for a Sponsorship Coordinator for an augmented reality experience.

New York, NY, United States




Denise's story

I've run my own business since I graduated high school. I always knew there was a lack of black artists in the tech space and I wanted to change that with my art. I started $NP Designs with the idea of answering design questions to those who may not have access to or understanding of proper design in their small businesses. Originally, we started as a t-shirt company and grew into an agency doing branding, web design, and development, motion design, illustration, augmented reality, UX/UI design, creative direction, print, and digital marketing.

As a black-owned, woman-owned business, I want to also bring art and tech to marginalized communities and bring in community vendors and volunteers. I've always done everything myself and for my largest show in 2022, I really want to bring on a team to make it the biggest show I know we are capable of.

We have successfully planned and executed 3 solo art shows since 2017 and due to COVID had to cancel and reschedule our latest show until 2022. With the added time, we can get major tech companies on board to help fund this massive augmented reality experience.

Touching the virtual space inspires me to keep going. Also inspiring young designers like myself to see past the glass ceiling.

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