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A loan of $8,500 helps a woman-owned business to grow and impact the artistic and cultural sector of west Puerto Rico.

San German, PR, Puerto Rico

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Gabriela's story

My name is Gabriela and I’ve been a dancer since I was 7 years old. My journey started in the city of San Germán Puerto Rico where I enrolled in Ballet de San Germán. Being there for years, I earned my first teaching experience and fell in love with dance pedagogy. My dream became to own a dance school in the future. Being a dance teacher has been my job since the 7th grade and has helped me support myself throughout my journey into adulthood. After graduating from college with a degree in Dance specializing in Classical Pedagogy, my journey came full circle when the opportunity to build my own dance school right where I started many years ago came to the table. Talk about dreams coming true! I’ve put a lot of heart and passion into Steps Dance Academy and my mission is to impact as many lives as I can through dance, art, and culture. San Germán is a beautiful city filled with historic impacts all tied to our Puerto Rican cultural traditions. My main goal is to be a safe space in which any person can feel welcome to explore dance and study it thoroughly, no matter if the intention is recreational or in the look of a professional journey. With the help of the community, I know Steps Dance Academy can be of great artistic impact and cultural appreciation for every person that steps into our school and follows us. We are Steps Dance Academy, guiding you #stepbystep into the great artist you can be.

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