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Adrienne's story

As an educator over the years, I've seen fewer students choose the law enforcement career of choice. Although these are mock demonstrations I couldn't help to think about what has changed in children's minds over the last decade. Being pulled over can have a lasting effect on everyone, especially young travelers. Most drivers experience anxiety, fear, or intimidation during traffic stops either when you first see the lights until being temporarily detained. In December of 2020, my vehicle was selected at random at a checkpoint in The Bronx, NY. While I drive an older model car the officer explained that the checkpoint was due to a string of "auto thefts" in the area. While the attending officer reviewed my driving documents, his partner had a flashlight pointing directly in the vehicle on my passenger and I. She shined the light across our bodies and from head to toe. This felt very invasive and aggressive in nature for a random checkpoint. We were very disturbed by what had happened and couldn't help but think of the numerous people who are stopped daily and experience this type of treatment or worst. It's something that will permanently remain in my memory. For days I thought about what can be done to change how traffic stops are done today. To reduce the fear, anxiety, and killings of drivers. Since traffic stops are the number one reason for the public and law enforcement to engage, we believe that the solution is embedded in technology. Putting the Service back into "Protect & Serve" because it shouldn't be just a slogan. No traffic stops should feel like punishment or death sentence since most drivers aren't criminals. Our goal is to take a step in the right direction to transform traffic stops into a digital experience for all.

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