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A loan of $10,000 helps mWBE scale flavorful nutrient-dense soy-free vegan fermented protein-based entrees for Ready To Eat Market.

Houston, TX, United States

Food Production/Sales



Geetha's story

I grew up in multicultural urban Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in an ex-pat Indian vegetarian family. My culinary skills were honed by helping my mom during large festivals celebrated by the Immigrant community, with Chinese and Malay fusion elements thrown in.

GrabEmSnacks, forerunner (and Division of) Spoon & Sprout was born out of nostalgia for plantains (native to Malaysia) while being a newly-wed Illini in rural Urbana-Champaign.

Moving to NJ, raising two sons as vegetarians, and holding a career meant resorting to processed, unhealthy convenience snacks! School-cafeteria lunch was despised, homemade PBJ sandwiches became the norm and they needed full meals. Soon, I chose REMOTE working to prepare delicious vegetarian for after-school snacks and post-MartialArts dinner, parties at home, sleepovers, and ended up the designated cafeteria manager at Saturday tournaments for hundreds of hungry, fiercely debating students hosted by Ridge High School!

Contemporaneously I was a Cost Accountant for large Food and Beverage multinationals and observed the year-over-year ingredient changes in cookies, snacks; heeding friends' pleas to commercialize my snacks, I decided to strike out on my own.

While running a vegetarian café near Princeton and NYC Corporate Lunch Popups/Vegfests, I listened to customers complain about vegetarian food usually lacking flavor yet delight at the freshness and global flavors in my offerings!

I was honored to be guest chef for Brooklyn P.S. 261, Citigroup GlobalHeadQuarters ThreeEightAte Cafeteria, GrowNYC GreenMarkets at Union Square, and Grand Army Plaza.

In 2019, I moved to San Antonio, Texas to scale up my vegetarian catering business; Covid-19 struck; I decided to boost my immunity - (learned about Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell, became a vegan, and fine-tuned/developed fermented tempeh from allergen-free legumes).

After moving to Houston in 2021, I have done Tastings/Chef Demos at Cannon-West, Memorial-VillageFM, Houston.

Cooking with seasonal ingredients, creating/sharing my flavorful dishes with customers keeps me hale and healthy - this needs scaling UP!

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