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Morgan's story

Growing up in Baltimore, I was surrounded by the typical bad narrative you hear about the city; seeing drugs, violence, trashy alley's, abandoned houses, and people who--with the right support--could build more for themselves. Growing up, I was inspired by this narrative to change my community in a positive way. Despite living in such a traumatic environment and with the help of God, my mom, dad, and my grandparents, I was raised in a home where I was encouraged to dream and find my own path to success. As a little girl I used to watch HGTV and plan that one day, I would own multiple vacation properties in different countries and rent them out when I wasn’t there vacationing. I knew I was on to something when I saw my idea turn into AirBnB many years later.

From there I kept my creativity going and found more ways to dream in my day-to-day work. While in college, I worked as the Assistant Manager at T-Mobile where I was responsible for assisting and acquiring local small business owners which showed me the true ins and outs of entrepreneurship. While working as the business representative, I was able to create marketing campaigns to draw new customers and local entrepreneurs toward the products we offered to make their business operations even better. The way in which I was able to use my creativity to build something that benefited businesses fueled my passion for entrepreneurship even more.

When I graduated from Morgan State University in 2018, I began planning on how I could use my love for business, technology, sales, customer service, and education to help other entrepreneurs learn and grow. In 2019, I invested all of my money and time to start Competence Consulting Company, LLC and begin my business journey.

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