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A loan of $7,000 helps a young minority purchase inventory for a Group Home established for Mental Health Clients.

Dallas, TX, United States




Mark's story

I’m a young minority who was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta. I am 1 of 6 siblings. All of my life I’ve seen my mom work countless hours at a nursing facility just to make sure we were taken care of. My mom missed out on so much of our activities because she was a single parent. Often times I would visit my mom's job on the weekend to help volunteer at the nursing home in the activity center with the clients. I developed a love for helping clients who had mental issues or just didn’t have any family to come to see them. All of my life growing up we have very little but my mom instilled in us to work hard and be kind to others. Because of that, I developed a sense of volunteering.

Currently, I volunteer with the American Red-cross. After I graduated from college I began to work in the medical field. Every patient I have ever taken care of was very special to me. I was everyone's favorite because I believe in treating my patients as if they were my own family. Because of what my mom instilled in me I decided to open my own facility to make sure my mom’s hard work continues. She’s not able to work with clients anymore due to her health but I want her legacy to continue. I want to change patient care for the better one patient at a time and to show my mom that what she instilled in me I’m able to provide care to countless clients.

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