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Caleb's Group

Caleb's Group

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A loan of $375 helps a member to purchase hybrid seeds and fertilizer to improve harvests of maize.




Caleb's Group

Caleb's Group's story

Caleb, pictured above, has been a farmer for more than 20 years and is now proud to represent his group of 15 farmers in the Butere District. He is 45 years old, married, and has 8 children.

Caleb likes to think of himself as a very friendly person. He has been working alongside One Acre Fund since 2017 and decided to represent his group because he wanted to help more farmers. He says that being part of the One Acre Fund community has meant that he has learned a lot from the farming training. Caleb plans to use the profits from this coming season to send his children to school.

In total, Caleb’s Group will receive inputs to cultivate 7.75 acres of land. With this loan, some members of the group will also be purchasing a total of 2 solar lights.

In this group: Caleb, Grace, Julia, Pauline, Mary, Judith, Partricia, Nixon, Marsiana, Agnes, John, Violet, Celin, Mohamedi, Suleman

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