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A loan of $625 helps to buy certified seeds and high-nutrient fertilizer to expand her banana farm, generate more revenue and educate her children.





Aileen's story

Situated among the green hills surrounding Mount Kenya, Kerugoya is a land of never-ending beauty. It is home to many smallholder farmers, Aileen among them.

Aileen (born in 1974) is a resourceful mother of two. She is an enterprising woman who injects passion and determination into her work and dreams of making the world a better place.

Aileen has been in the business of farming for many years and says it is the best activity she has ever engaged in. She enjoys farming as a way of giving her family a healthy lifestyle, as the Meru region has a good climate for farming. Farmers like her are engaged in growing a variety of crops and raising livestock. Through experience, Aileen has emerged as one of the most respected farmers in her village.

Today, she is seeking a loan of 70,000 KES, which she will use to buy certified seeds and high-nutrient fertilizer to expand her banana farm. Unlike most microfinance services in Kenya that have imposed complicated procedures that discourage smallholder farmers, Juhudi Kilimo is working closely with Kiva to make loan acquisition easy and convenient. By scaling up her business, Aileen will reduce production costs and increase her output, to be achieved through lenders’ help and goodwill.

This woman is worth supporting, and she will not disappoint.

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