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A loan of $1,775 helps to buy supplies and yarn to increase her income this coming year.





Jarunee's story

Jarunee is a member of the Hmong tribe from Northern Thailand. Unlike the older generation, the relative isolation of Jarunee’s village did not prevent her from getting a good education. She began her education in Thai, even though Hmong was her first language and she is now fully literate in Thai and Hmong.

Even with her education, opportunities in this remote part of Thailand are limited to farming in slash and burn agriculture, which requires hard labor and exposes one to dangerous conditions and pesticides. Alternative employment is scarce, unless one is prepared to move to a big city, far away from family and familiarity.

Hammock weaving has not just been an excellent alternative, but a significant improvement to Jarunee’s quality of life and provides a much needed increase in income.

With this loan Jarunee will be able to invest in raw materials and secure consistent weaving work this coming year.

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