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A loan of $8,500 helps us open the first used movie, board, and video game store in Utah!

Orem, UT, United States




Camden's story

I've always strived to make the world a better and happier place, and it's a goal made even harder by my borderline personality disorder--- which prevents me mentally from seeing most of the positive impact I actually do make. But after years of searching, lost jobs, totaled cars, a failed marriage, and a whole lot of moving and questioning my existence, I finally found something that helps me see it every time: this store. I feel so much fulfillment in helping people relieve their childhoods, take a look through history, and help show kids the good, the bad, and the just plain confusing of the last few decades, the fulfillment I haven't been able to find doing anything else.

I've always been obsessed with playing games and watching movies. Being able to be sucked into another world and celebrate the amazing creativity from people around the globe is absolutely incredible! I hope to be able to help others gain that same passion for games and movies both new and old through this store.

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