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A loan of $1,775 helps to buy raw materials and ensure her hammock business continues smoothly despite global economic uncertainty.





Pia's story

Pia lives in a small rural village in northern Thailand with her husband and five children. She and her family face the same challenges as many rural villagers: obstacles to employment, dependence on uncertain crop prices and a lack of formal education.

Pia has been a subsistence farmer for many years, even though it has been difficult on her. Alternative employment is scarce, unless one is prepared to move to a big city, far away from family and familiarity. Prior to weaving hammocks, Pia worked as a laborer in slash-and-burn farming. Agriculture in the part of Thailand where Pia lives is far from easy.

Hammock weaving has not just been an excellent alternative, but a significant improvement to Pia’s quality of life and provides a much needed increase in income. The profits she earns from weaving hammocks goes towards household expenses and her children’s education. “I want them to have a better life than I have had,” she says. Pia is thrilled to have this opportunity and explains that weaving allows her to work from home where she can balance weaving with childcare (her youngest is 1 while four of her children are now attending school)!

This loan will help Pia stabilize her hammock weaving income by ensuring she has supplies and yarn to weave consistently through the coming year.

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