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A loan of $1,775 helps to invest in raw materials to ensure she can do weaving work consistently and increase her income potential.





Auriwan's story

Auriwan is 37 years old and lives in a traditional Hmong community in the mountains of Phrae, Thailand.

Her parents made sure she went to school and graduated from high school. They are very proud that she can read and write in the Thai language, even though she still lives in a traditional Hmong village where not everyone had the opportunity to get an education. Auriwan and her family face the same challenges as many rural villagers, particularly obstacles to employment.

Her family is proud she is able to make a great living by weaving and without having to work in the fields! Auriwan is happy to be able to remain in her community without having to relocate to the city and work in a factory. She jokingly says, “If I work hard, I can earn more! If I take a day off, no one gets angry with me.”

Auriwan looks forward to growing her weaving business this coming year. This loan will allow her to invest in raw materials and increase her income.

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