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A loan of $1,775 helps to buy the raw materials to ensure her hammock business continues smoothly despite global economic uncertainty.





Kanruethai's story

Kanruethai was born and raised in a very isolated part of Phrae province. She is 23 years old and is raising her own family! Kanruethai says: “When I was young, my life was hard because I did not have much education. My parents had even less education, and their lives were even harder! I want my children to grow up to have a better life than I have had. I think they should go to school and get as much education as they can.”

With her profits from weaving, Kanruethai is able to send her children to the village school. Her children are able to attend school for free all the way through junior high, and she is able to purchase supplies and food for them. She joyfully says about her children: “They like to buy extra milk, dry noodles and other fun things every day. I do not care, because it makes going to school more fun for them! So, some of the money I get from weaving hammocks goes for my children's daily treats at school!”

Kanruethai is very grateful for this opportunity, which she acknowledges her parents did not have. With this loan, Kanruethai will be able to further secure her income and earning potential, invest in raw materials, and grow her weaving business!

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