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Nongyao's story

Nongyao is a young mother with great ambitions for her future. She and her husband live in a rural Hmong village. They are part of a new generation of educated, motivated, young people who are looking forward to bringing changes to village life.

The traditional tribal values that their parents taught them are still very much a part of their lives, but they are also open to new ways of doing things. They grew up with deprivation, as their parents scrimped out a living through agriculture for decades. They are determined to build a brighter future for their own family.

Nongyao and her husband have one child, who attends the government school in their village. They expect their family to grow in the years to come. They want to build a strong financial footing so that each of their children will have the opportunity to study, as far as their abilities and interests will take them.

Nongyao is very good at hammock weaving! She brings a youthful exuberance and has a dedicated work ethic to bear on her hammocks, yielding a prodigious and beautiful output.

The past year has been difficult for Nongyao and her family, so she is eager to spend more time weaving hammocks with the goal of providing financial security for her family.

This loan will help Nongyao stabilize her hammock weaving income by ensuring she has supplies and yarn to weave consistently during the coming year.

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