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A loan of $275 helps to purchase cereals such as maize and beans to sell in her local market at a profit, to create a better life.





Ruth's story

Ruth(a dairy and crop farmer) is an ever smiling 33 year old, whose life took a turn a few years ago. She decided to invest everything in farming and stop looking for a white-collar job. Since then, she's recorded constant progress in her life, and she doesn’t complain about anything. Ruth has always had a passion for farming. She's a very proud farmer, especially when she's milking her cow.

As a result of price fluctuation for crops and change in industrial trends, Ruth is seeking a way out. She's decided to start selling cereals in her local market.

However, with Ruth's little savings, she's unable to purchase different varieties of cereals such as corn, beans, rice, sorghum, and millet. That's why she's seeking this Kiva loan.

She promises to repay the loan as soon as her business breaks even. She will use the profits to support her family and send her children to school.

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