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A loan of $9,000 helps a woman-owned business excel in the trucking and supply chain industry.

Boca Raton, FL, United States




Haneefah's story

My name is Haneefah, I am a client of the Florida Women's Business Center in Delray Beach, which helped me develop my business roadmap. I'm a native of Newark, New Jersey. I have a BS in Mathematics and the Computer Science University of South Carolina, two graduate degrees from the University of Phoenix, including Information Systems (Management and Logistics). I have a host of certifications both focused on my personal and business growth.

I was a Freight Operations Specialist for UPS and a public-school educator teaching Mathematics, Computer Science, and Global Trade & Logistics. I have over 20 years of experience in operations, supply chain, logistics, and education. I developed skills in brokerage, domestic/international, sales, inventory management, imports/exports, and customer service. In 2014, my dreams of starting my own transportation business began, and since April 2019 that has been my focus. I want to build a corporation that demonstrates teamwork, value operations, education, training, and organizational development, that is focused on excelling and providing the best customer service and products. My goals and dreams are to travel, heighten my transportation business in freight, supply chain, and logistics, and moving freight for other companies. I want to be an OSHA Instructor and provide certification to individuals and corporations.

I am a results-oriented and dedicated individual. I believe I express, tact, and diplomacy. Throughout my life, I have learned that the ability to be flexible can mean the difference between success and failure. What makes me different?

• Self-motivated, ambitious, and dependable.

• Demonstrate poise and confidence.

• Establish excellent rapport with others.

• Can quickly identify needs and problems and then provide solutions.

• Ability to learn and utilize new skills to improve performance.

• Contribute to successful completion of all things in a timely manner.

• Consistent and organized.

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