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A loan of $450 helps to buy farm inputs, such as high-quality seeds and nutrient-rich fertilizer, to increase her production and be able to support her family.





Joanne's story

Joanne (a 30-year-old mom of four) lives in the Eldoret area of Kenya. She has beautiful children for whom she ensures a decent life. She is a crop farmer who also rears dairy cattle. She earns income from selling her produce in her local market.

Joanne is kindly seeking a loan to buy seeds and fertilizers for her crop farm. She plans to improve the quality of her produce to enable her to sell more and increase her profits. She plans to sell her quality produce at prices high enough to cover all expenses plus generate a profit.

Joanne has a great desire to succeed, and also a desire that Kiva lenders will listen to her request and help her better her life. She thanks her lenders for their generous support.

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