Ahlam's Group

Ahlam's Group

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A loan of $1,000 helps a member to buy winter clothes to sell to their customers in the community for the cold weather ahead.


Clothing Sales


Ahlam's Group

Ahlam's Group's story

Ahlam's Group is in the clothing business. At first Ahlam started selling clothes in 2015 from home. Two years later, in 2017, she opened her store. She is from a busy and popular town. The market there is booming. Ahlam does her part and gets rewarded for it. Pictured along her side is her husband, her companion in life and in business.

A loan will help Ahlam buy winter clothing for her customers. Her store is in the market place making it easy to reach. Her prices are competitive and her clothing is always of good quality. This makes her a preference for many. She wants to make sure her customers are prepared for the winter.

In this group: Ahlam, Jehad

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