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A loan of $4,775 helps to pay for his elderly mother's medical clinic expenses so she will recover her health soon and enjoy her last days peacefully.


Personal Medical Expenses



Major's story

Major is a 24-year-old man from a vulnerable community. He has a big brother who is married and lives with his own family, and it is Major who is taking care of his ill mother. Major works as a plumber full time, and he also works in a car wash part time to make a living.

He tries very hard to make enough money to cover all the expenses, but due to his mother's illness his economic situation is not good. His mother needs to have a surgery, and for this Major is asking for the first time for Kiva lenders' support. He wants his mom to recover her health and live a normal life. Major thanks all Kiva lenders for the support and wishes good health to you and your families.

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